Plagiarism Check

To check the possibility of plagiarism, use the application Plagiarism Checker. The article must be below 20% of plagiarism. Plagiarism includes:

  1. Word for word Plagiarism. The author uses the words of other authors (exactly) without mentioning the source.
  2. Plagiarism over the source. The author uses the idea of others without giving enough recognition (without mentioning the source expressly).
  3. Plagiarism of Authorship. The author is acknowledged as the author of the paperwork of others.
  4. Self Plagiarism. Included in this type are authors who publish one article in more than one editor of the publication. And recycle paper/papers. What is important in self-plagiarism is that when taking his own works, then the creation of new works produced must have a meaningful change. This means that the old Works are a small part of the new works that were produced. So readers will get new stuff, which is really the author of pouring on the paper using the old paper.