Focus and Scope

Journal of Social and Economics Research (JSER) is an open access journal published by the Writing Lecturer Association (IDM) Bandung, Indonesia. Articles published in JSER include articles on primary research results as well as literature reviews in the social-humanities, and economics fields that are generally applicable in the academic world in related fields in Indonesia. Contributions and fields of study in this journal are very broad, including all fields of science that intersect with the fields of management economics, accounting, development studies, law, language and literature, culture, sociology, anthropology, politics, management and public administration, communication science and government, psychology, as well as very macro fields such as tourism, and entrepreneurship. Thus, this journal can contribute now and in the future to its three main fields, namely socio-humanities and economics, both nationally and internationally.

Journal of Social and Economics Research (JSER) is published by Ikatan Dosen Menulis in collaboration with GoAcademica CRP. Publishing twice times a year, ie Issue 1 Issue 2 in June and December and already have a registration number p-ISSN: 2715-6117 and e-ISSN: 2715-6966 since 2019.

Journal of Social and Economics Research (JSER) has been indexed by GARUDA, Google Scholar, and Moraref.